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druscilloskayne [userpic]
by druscilloskayne (druscilloskayne)
at August 9th, 2010 (01:46 pm)
current song: Marija Serifovic - Ne Volis Je Znam

Hiya everyone,
It's exactly a month until Milan's 23rd birthday.
I'm planning something random called OPERATION CAKE FOR MIKI.
I plan to bake a cake or cook something special at home prior to the date and take a photo of it to send to Miki via Twitter AND co-join with what the Milan German Fans are doing XD
If you want to join this operation, do let me know and post your photo of you and your special dish prior to September 9 XD
I happen to like cooking, so I'm doing this :)
It's just something random but I think it's sweet if we as fans are doing something special on his birthday even though we're away from him XD